We Don't Know Anything

from by Michael Guy Bowman



We don’t know anything about love
We just know what’s on the TV
We don’t know anything about life
We just know what we like to see

We don’t read books
We sometimes look
But we always fall asleep
We follow trends
And lose our friends

We don’t know anything about truth
We just know where we’re going to stand
We don’t know anything about choice
We just get movies on demand

We don’t know how
We just fell down
From the fryer to the floor
We lost our taste
And went to waste

Oh, we don’t know anything at all
Not the strangers down the hall
Not the numbers that we call
Oh, we don’t know anything at all
Not the date and not the year
Not the reason why we’re here

We don’t know when to sleep or wake up
We just know when we’re out of drugs
We don’t know how to date or break up
We just communicate with shrugs

We don’t know where
We ought to stare
When the picture’s going black
Nothing to do
No hint or clue

We don’t know how it got to this point
We just forgot to turn the dial
We don’t know anyone in this joint
We just know we might be a while

What good are facts?
I can’t relax
When the news is always bad
Don’t look outside
No matter what

Friends, we don’t know anything
And by now we can’t even tell
The food in the kitchen is rotten
And so are we!
But at this point, it’s how we smell
So when you’re bored
And you’re hungry
And you’re tired
And you don’t want to go out
Well, there’s a screen in every room
And every pocket
So tune it all out, because you’re tuning in
To what we’re shoving right through your socket

Oh, we don’t know anything at all
Why the good things feel bad
Why the music makes you sad
Oh, we don’t know anything at all
Not the right and not the wrong
Not the meaning of this song


from Electric Daydreams, track released June 5, 2016
Featuring Hallie as "na na na na na"


all rights reserved



Michael Guy Bowman Los Angeles, California

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