Hold up before your hopes and dreams are sold up
You haven't failed yet don't hold up
Don't cut the tape before it's rolled up
You've always got a chance

Rock it and if the picture isn't clear just shop it
You're swinging by the chain of prospit
The future's always there so pop it
Back into its place

You've got a reason to live
Got a reason to live
No matter what you say
No matter what you take away
There's always something you can give
And buddy that's the reason
That you've got a reason to live
Got a reason to live
Don't care what you've been through
Don't care what people think of you
There's always something you can do
And no one knows it better than you

Praise you, the absence in your life delays you
The note that desolation plays you
You know you mustn't let it phase you
If something's in the way

Own up, there's data structures you can bone up
You might be feeling like you're Homestuck
But you can make it by your own luck
Snap it into place

And if the wind should blow
I will know
I will go

Reversal, all matter and its great dispersal
The secrets of the universal
This isn't just a dry rehearsal
We're living for today


from Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido, released May 31, 2011


all rights reserved



Michael Guy Bowman Los Angeles, California

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