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Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido

by Michael Guy Bowman

Forever 02:58
Dawn of Man 05:44
I was about fifteen I was walking the beach I was racing a wave It knocked me off my feet I fell into the tide It spat me back on the sand I laughed without a clue How lucky I was to land It's been a long long time Since my life was spared It's been a long long time But I'm still not scared It was the dawn of man I held the bone in my hand I was hungry as death Wondering through the sand I met a wild boar My bone came down with a crack I tasted flesh and blood And swore I'd never look back It's been a long long time But I had just begun It's been a long long time Out in the African sun It's been a long long time Since I learned that skill It's been a long long time Since my very first kill If anyone's out there to see what I have done Can somebody tell me what we are to become Our tiny lives, they fly right by This goodly frame, it does not care If we live or die It was the month of June In Tiananmen Square The tanks were on TV But I was not yet there The guns they all went pop We heard the screams and shouts I was brought into this world As they were taken out It's been a long long time So many people to mourn It's been a long long time Since the day I was born It's been a long long time And yet no time at all It's been a long long time And yet no time at all If anyone's out there to see what I have done Can somebody tell me what I am to become Our tiny lives, they fly right by Who were they, and next to them Who the hell am I?
Beta Version 04:35
No Release 04:28
She's changed, she's new now She's moved on somehow The pain is gone now But she still needs room to breathe You've changed you're silent For all those years spent Explaining what it was that you really meant Now you won't say it aloud You'd rather be silent and proud But down inside you still lies the beast If she's the reason you live You'll only get what you give And what you've given is no release You've changed, you've grown up Your wounds have sewn up Your time has shown up Yet you still can't find your way No lies, no secrets This is your life, now keep it In time you'll see it The faces you have put on Have held you back all along You're a king, not a pawn, so cease To be so loyally fake You'll only get what you take And what you've taken is no release And one day, everyone will smile again We'll feel like a child again And look behind us And think of all the stuff that's going on The stuff we're growing on It's an ashen quadrant affair Except you just don't care Your only aim has been to appease Lay down your pride and your gun You're not the only Who's still looking for some release And if the rules they can bend You know you still could be friends But it doesn't rely on me This is as far as I go I only say what I know And what I know is you need release
Fly 05:01 video
Fly fly fly whatcha say Whatcha gonna do Change your ways change your life Change your point of view Been so long since your feet Felt the open air So far back down the line Were you even there? It's so cold the rain blows in your eyes It's so cold the days go flashing by It's so cold you've lost all track of time It's so cold you turn back into slime Dream dream dream dream your life Make it up from scratch In your dream you're the star It's you who makes that catch Can't hold on, cannot grope Your fingers will not clasp Measurements fall apart The tools you cannot grasp It's insane you must be high on pot It's insane the air this man has got It's insane the stuff you must be on It's insane you wake up and it's gone And you're on your way to work And you still can't work it out And you can't recall the details Or what it was about So you read a bunch of websites And you study archetypes But you throw away the answers 'Cause it's all a bunch of hype And you're on your way of work But you just can't work it out And you can't recall the details Or what it was about So you hustle through your morning And you waste your afternoon And at night you still are wondering If you'll dream again so soon And you lay awake and wonder And you never get your sleep Cause you're still waiting for the answers But you never hear a peep And you die alone and angry And you're wrapped up in a shroud And the world's far below you And your feet are in the clouds
Lonely submarine in murky shades of blue and green A silent knock on Davy Jones' door Octopi and hydronauts explore unsalvaged shipwrecks caught In coral reeves that span the ocean floor The geothermal chemistry Of vents below the deep blue sea Burning on and on The winking of an angler's light You make this underwater flight Down where there is no sun My heart lies with the sea My heart lies with the ocean My, the continental shelf and all its sunken wealth Boens of those who walked the plank The depth to which these pirates sank Crushed by pressures deep The submarine has lost its way Shall we ever make it to the bay From where we once did meet A sonar ping still rings for help Diffused amongst a cloud of kelp Where mermaid kingdoms breathe My heart lies with the sea My heart lies with the ocean
Hold up before your hopes and dreams are sold up You haven't failed yet don't hold up Don't cut the tape before it's rolled up You've always got a chance Rock it and if the picture isn't clear just shop it You're swinging by the chain of prospit The future's always there so pop it Back into its place You've got a reason to live Got a reason to live No matter what you say No matter what you take away There's always something you can give And buddy that's the reason That you've got a reason to live Got a reason to live Don't care what you've been through Don't care what people think of you There's always something you can do And no one knows it better than you Praise you, the absence in your life delays you The note that desolation plays you You know you mustn't let it phase you If something's in the way Own up, there's data structures you can bone up You might be feeling like you're Homestuck But you can make it by your own luck Snap it into place And if the wind should blow I will know I will go Reversal, all matter and its great dispersal The secrets of the universal This isn't just a dry rehearsal We're living for today
Pumpkin Tide 03:31
Destroy your desk, it's useless now Build yourself a fort to hide Close your eyes and crawl inside You're sailing on the pumpkin tide The ship you're on is yours alone The wind will push your sweet sweet ride But this foreign wave just appearified You're sailing on the pumpkin tide Focus on the sound of my voice You are under my control Obey my will or I'll bury you alive And it's you who'll dig your own damn hole Forget your friends, what good are they Suckers filled with words that chide Heads green with envy but orange with pride Screaming at that pumpkin tide Listen to their whispering voice The current where the pumpkins roam You never saw a thing Never saw the thing you thought you saw Just shadows looking for a home The door into your heart is locked Its key is buried in your mind Too heavy to carry but too huge to leave behind Without it you will surely die But even that's just another lie Sailing on the pumpkin tide


Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido, agents of Prospit and Derse. They once fought on the battlefield as their respective nemeses, only to be united by a common epiphany - the truth behind the Ultimate Riddle. Gazing upon the Skaian clouds, the secrets of the past, present, and future are now well guarded by these strange sentinels who spread enlightenment through their cryptic music and dance. Together, they hope their songs may be a beacon to all those who undertake the Riddle.


released May 31, 2011

Music by Michael Guy Bowman.
Track art by Tavia Morra and Richard Gung.
Originally released by What Pumpkin.


all rights reserved



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